NOKTogether | Wholesale pricing registration deadline

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch is reminding hospitality customers to register for their Hospitality Product Catalogue account. This is required in order to receive wholesale pricing that goes into effect July 20, 2020.

Wholesale Operations has created a product catalogue specifically designed for hospitality customers purchasing from the Wholesale Customer Centre and BC Liquor Stores.

The catalogue provides various product search capabilities and features the SKU, product name, current retail price, case configuration, alcohol content and the representing agent plus additional product attributes. 
To set-up an account and access the catalogue, contact the Wholesale Customer Centre at 604-775-0681. 
Hospitality customers with Web Store accounts will have automatic access to wholesale prices via Web Store when they become available on July 20, 2020 and do not need to register for any additional online accounts.

A new handbook has been designed for hospitality customers that purchase from BC Liquor Stores. Take moment to review for detailed information on terminology, order schedules and guidelines, third-party warehouse orders, payments, pick-up and returns. 

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