NOKTogether | Program helps businesses reopen safely

The Government of Canada has partnered with the People Outside Safely Together (POST) Promise program, an initiative of Canadian private sector organizations to help businesses across the country reopen safely.

The POST Promise is a voluntary commitment that business owners and managers can make by following five key public health actions that will help prevent the spread of Covid19:

  1. Maintaining physical distance
  2. Washing and sanitizing hands
  3. Cleaning and disinfecting regularly
  4. Staying home if unwell and self-monitoring for symptoms
  5. Practising respiratory etiquette (including wearing a mask when physical distancing is difficult)

By displaying the POST Promise logo, participating businesses can reassure customers that they are doing their part to help protect Canadians’ health and safety.

The government will continue to work with POST Promise to ensure its platform provides businesses with accurate and up-to-date health and safety guidelines.

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