NOKTogether | Closed hospitality businesses can sell liquor stock

The provincial government is providing temporary relief to hospitality licensees who have had to suspend their operations as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

These licensees will be allowed to sell their existing liquor stock to other licensees who are still operating or to private liquor stores.

“These changes will provide immediate financial relief for licensees unable to meet the guidelines and mandates established by the provincial health officer by allowing them to liquidate some inventory,” states a release.

The temporary authorization from the Liquor Distribution Branch was requested by the Business and Technical Advisory Panel, a group of liquor industry leaders, as a way of supporting the industry during the pandemic.

This authorization is set to expire July 15. However, as the pandemic is an evolving situation, LDB will review this and other temporary authorizations as necessary.

Read LDB’s policy directive here:

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