NOKTogether | Roadmap to Recovery launched

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has laid out its plans to heal Canada’s economy.

The Roadmap to Recovery examines nine key challenges and identifies 51 specific recommendations governments should adopt to overcome them.

“Canada, and the world, have deep economic wounds that require a dedicated plan to make sure we get out of this crisis. Governments must be as agile and determined in pursuing economic growth as it has been in responding to the virus. Our response must rise to the measure of the challenge before it,” said Perrin Beatty, president and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

The Canadian Chamber’s Roadmap to Recovery lays out the following economic challenges that the country will need to overcome:

  • Getting Canadians back to work
  • Keeping supply chains and people moving
  • Managing debt and deficits
  • Navigating global fragmentation
  • Adopting technology and innovation
  • Ensuring a resilient resource sector
  • Planning for SME business continuity
  • Strengthening our public health infrastructure
  • Rethinking government’s role and priorities

“This will be no easy task. For Canada’s recovery plan to succeed, our policymakers will need a singular focus on economic fundamentals and on promoting growth. A growth-focused plan will unlock economic capacity, fuel job creation and promote new business investment. By working together, we can forge a path to recovery that is inclusive, environmentally responsible and innovative,” states a release.

The full text of the Roadmap to Recovery and recommendations can be found at

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