NOKTogether | PPE producers connected to businesses

As our economy begins to reopen, many businesses will need to access personal protective equipment (PPE) to help keep their customers and staff safe from Covid-19. Sourcing masks, hand sanitizers and gowns is often challenging, especially for businesses that are new to sourcing this type of equipment, especially with unprecedented global demand for PPE.

This is likely to continue into the foreseeable future as our economies move to reopen and many health and safety standards and best practices will prescribe the use of PPE in ways never before seen. Additionally, on both the production and demand side, there are many new players who have never before been connected to PPE supply chains. 

To help address this problem, Canadian industry has contributed to the creation of the Rapid Response Platform Canada.

RRP Canada is free to use and provides a matchmaking service to connect the dots between manufacturers and businesses in need of PPE. PPE products on the Rapid Response Platform include hand sanitizer, surgical masks, N95 masks, surface sanitizer, face shields and gowns.

Any Canadian businesses involved in the Covid-related PPE supply chain, and businesses that need to source PPE, are encouraged to register now at

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